Monday, 30 April 2012

i went shopping yesterday

luckily i didn't buy anything, except a happy meal and a yummy crepe! my goal for the new month is: ahem, no more spending. well, besides paying off a small closetchild order from april, and awaiting a reservation, no more, no more! there's only 31 days, so it won't be too difficult, right? fingers crossed for me, my dears!

i really like my jane marple skirt! i've been looking for a nice black skirt for a long time, and i think i have found the one! although at first i thought it wasn't really what i expected, it's very comfortable and nice~


  1. xD You look so cute with usamimi. I love your outfit. :]

  2. Oo what did you reserve? :D

    1. I'm so excited, I reserved the my little red riding hood red ribbon jsk by Baby! A little birthday present for myself XD


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