Sunday, 6 May 2012

macaron day

i had to take my friend to the mac factory (because, he hadn't been yet) and indulge in a few macarons. the flavours were slightly limited today perhaps due to the fact it's sunday, and they were selling out quick. we tried pistachio (green), chocolate and peanut butter (yellow with chocolate dusting), nutella (blue), hazelnut (orange), dark chocolate raspberry (purple, also my favourite!) and espresso (beige).


next to the little macaron shop, the owners have set up a book nook where they sell a large variety of cookbooks. i think a large range of these books are dedicated to macaron making as well as other sweets. we spent a lovely time over coffee/ hot chocolate and macarons (which were well received) and i can gladly say he enjoyed his time in the very quaint shop~ we then decided to pay a visit to another friend who lived nearby and met a very cute black cat with shining green eyes! what a darling~

outfit post #77:
- pink plastic bow headband from baby the stars shine bright
- umbrella onepiece from emily temple cute
- melty chocolate shoulder bag from angelic pretty
- candy socks from metamorphose
- brown tea party shoes from secret shop
- accessories from sparklepeach

this is a close up of the necklace from my very good friend from sparklepeach. she makes the cutest and funnest accessories that are perfect for dolling up~ i love this sweet cameo necklace with a character from the kera magazine manga. apart from lolita, i love wearing this to university too! just brightens up my outfit and makes me smile~


  1. You look lovely!!!
    And macarons <3 this place is so cute!!! seems you had a great time!

    1. thankyou~ >3<
      i had a lovely time with my macs XD


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