Monday, 30 July 2012

avcon (part II)

saturday is usually the busiest day at avcon, and we had to get in super early to finish setting up our artist alley table and make sure everything was in order before the general public were allowed in. lindzi and i stopped by at macdonalds to quickly pick up some delicious hotcakes for breakfast before rushing over to help out. we set up out stall together with a huge collection of goodies from moripop, sparkle peach and hologram world run by my sister and i, lauren, and lindzi respectively.

here's a photo of lindzi in angelic pretty's chess chocolate and lauren in her harvest moon cosplay, all bright and eager for the day to begin~ throughout the day, we had lots of visitors in lolita and in cosplay. i managed to sell all my antlers and rosy wreaths on the first day! i'm so glad so many girls liked our goodies!

our amazingly talented neighbours thaleia and linda were selling their beautiful artwork as well as a few lovely accessories too. linda cosplayed finn from adventure time! isn't her hat so cuute!? and thaleia was dressed beautifully in cinderella jewellery by baby.

after one long day of smiling and laughing, lindzi and i decided to have a dinner at a nearby japanese restaurant called ajisen ramen. we had to wait for our respective buses and were so very hungry. i ordered the teriyaki chicken with rice. it was so warm and delicious, i managed to eat all the chicken and left just a little bit of rice at the end.

thank you lindzi for taking a nice outfit photo for me. i decided to wear a sweet lolita outfit with some of my new items that i received from closet child recently. i love the macaron dress so very much and i got some lovely compliments too~

outfit post #89:
- cookie headbow: baby the stars shine bright
- pink hairclips: handmade
- pink blouse: angelic pretty
- brown bow brooch: baby the stars shine bright
- necklace: sparkle peach
- wrapping macaron nop: emily temple cute
- candy socks: metamorphose
- brown teaparties: secret shop
- melty chocolate bag: angelic pretty

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  1. ^^ Wow your table looks adorable! I wish I went to avcon so I could see all your wares!


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