Monday, 20 August 2012

one week of take cares and goodbyes (part II)

i'll miss the local lolita community while i'm away! i didn't want to have a huge meet, so i invited a few girls out for dinner and the usual, karaoke~ we had chinese food in chinatown which was well enjoyed by all (especially those shallot pancakes, yum!) i think we polished all the plates off!

after wandering down the street to check out the new dessert house which only had chinese styled puddings and sweet soups, we ended up getting crepes instead. i was so happy when the girl let me add a brownie to my hot dark chocolate and strawberry crepe. and this time, i didn't even make a huge mess!

watch out laruen, lindzi'll get mad if you change her song!
the usual place we go for karaoke had closed down, i really liked it there too! instead, we went to the neighbouring karaoke bar and booked the room for an hour. i've been there before but i'm not as familiar with their machines or songlists. they did have a few one directions songs (heehee!) as well as my newest favourite song 'prima donna' by marina and the diamonds (it's not even new, but i'm not up to date with the music scene these days). 

i wore something casual and frenchy~ my new french cafe skirt! i snapped this up from closet child and thought it was perfect to take with me to france. but, at the moment i can't decided which dresses to leave behind... i've only 23kg of luggage to take with me, and i want to take my entire wardrobe!!

outfit post #92: 
- black chiffon blouse
- polka dot necktie: handmade
- mustard cardigan: taobao
- french cafe miniskirt: angelic pretty
- black tights
- black engineer boots: korea (not pictured)

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