Monday, 10 September 2012

bonjour baby (part III)

i really wanted to visit the two lolita stores in paris but since my friend is not interested, i had to go alone. i'd managed to find all the metro lines from our apartment to the stores and to a few museums that she's already visited the day before i arrived. i stopped by the local supermarket for a healthy and fruity breakfast as well as stocking up on some petit ecolier. i wore my cute black cutsew i bought while baby the stars shine bright were having an online sale~

the paris metro was actually quite easy to navigate and i managed to find all the right lines to catch! success! my first store was baby, the stars shine bright. when i walked in, i was filled with excitement at visiting an actual store! i had in mind a few things to look out for but they didn't have the blouse or jewellery in the colours i was after. but, i still went away with a cute medium sized usakumya in pink! he's adorably freaking and now sits happily in my room~ the girl who served me was very lovely and happy to help, i wish i'd bought more (especially that sweet princess jewellery skirt in pink/ ivory). i then walked over to the angelic pretty store which was closed. how unlucky for me, they are closed every monday! i'll be back soon, ok?!


after my disappointment, i found my way to the centre pompidou, commonly known as the inside out building. it's also the modern art gallery, which was interesting. i managed to find the works of many artists i'd studied at high school including Deschamp, Rothko, Picasso and Matisse. i've definitely been able to appreciate things on this trip thanks to my high school and university studies; they do come in handy sometimes!

i ended up in the musee de l'orangerie located in the jardin tuileries. i spent a good half hour sitting in Monet's nympheas murals. these huge impressionist paintings took up the walls of two large circular rooms and depicted two stunning 360 degree landscapes. the use of colour together with the brushstrokes were amazingly good to evoke a real scenic view and the atmosphere in those rooms were so relaxing, it really felt like i was sitting in a pond or a field. How i wish i could have taken photos in there! Monet is definitely one of my favourite painters! here's one that i did like by Renoir~

after spending all that time looking at paintings of landscapes, i decided to appreciate the garden i was in. so i sat under a nice tree in the tuileries gardens and observed the french people and the tourists walking through the park. it was quite a windy day and the white dust of the garden paths was flying in the air. i really disliked this as i felt myself breathing it in, which really upset my throat. i ended up with a very dry sore throat.

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