Monday, 10 September 2012

paris, je t'aime (part V)

due to our disappointing disneyland day, i was able to have a very early night and slept in a little too. with a bit more sleep under my wing, i decided to spend the last day exploring the chateaux de versailles. still feeling ill, we weren't able to leave the appartment until after 10am and when we finally arrived at versailles, the line up into the palace was unbelieveably long! after waiting under the sun for about 1hr, we finally entered the castle. the wait was surely worth it, the castle was magnificently grand and spectacularly luxurious!

i wore emily temple cute's wrapping macaron dress casually~ i did bring a small suitcase full of lolita clothes for the next 6 months i'm here. hopefully, i'll be able to meet some lolita girls in france tooo~ aren't the golden gates spectacular?! unfortunately i'm making a horrible face with the sun blazing in my eyes...

outfit #94
- mustard cardigan
- wrapping macaron nop: emily temple cute
- beige crew cut socks
- brown tea parties: secret shop
- brown satchel bag: korea

i loved the grandeur and richness of the details, but perhaps my favourite were the queen's chamber and the famous hallway of mirrors. we even took some self shots in the mirrors of versailles!!

 after being struck by awe at the palace, we walked through the huge gardens and found our way to the grand trianon and the petit trianon. after a little exploration, we headed back to the garden for lunch and headed home.

i took a short nap to prepare myself for visiting the tour eiffel later that night. (and i had to make sure i woke up because otherwise i'd be leaving paris the next day) at 8pm i awoke, ate a quick dinner and we were off~ by the time we reached the bir-hakeim metro station, it was just dark and all the way to our destination, we could see the eiffel tower glowing as we approached it. we were used to waiting in lines and this just meant we could take more photos before climbing it. unfortunately the summit was closed (just my luck!) due to overcrowding and we had to settle for the second level.

from there we were able to see the lights of paris as well as looking up to see the eiffel tower. it was an amazing experience and definitely worth waking up for! i'm going to miss paris so much while i'm here in poitiers, but it was definitely a super memorable trip, and i can't wait to stop by again~~

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