Sunday, 14 October 2012

aimes-tu le thé?

do you like tea? my friend and i visited two similar tea salons in poitiers centre-ville in the past week. they are both located down a quiet alley, and serve a range of teas. you might recall the other tea salon 'le bonheur est dans le thé' in this post. we found another called 'jasmin citronelle'. although the day was a little damp from hte morning rain, we decided to seat ourselves outside as it wasn't too cold.

the list of teas all sounded so good, i'm sure i'll be returning soon to try some other flavours too. i ordered a pot of hot tea  called 'fruits rouges' and as the name suggests, the tea was  scented with berries including raspberry (my newest favourite fruit), while my friend enjoyed a hot chocolate. the tea smelt very sweet and fruity and tasted best with a bit of sugar (i like sugar in most black teas, though!)


we also paid a second visit to 'le bonheur est dans le thé' where we spent well over an hour sipping tea (and eating warm scones with jam and butter) over a good book. to be more precise, i was flicking through some very good french architecture/ design magazines for inspiration to take home. my friend enjoyed her 'new harry potter' book (j. k. rowling's latest book: the casual vacancy). i decided to try a 'thé caramel' while my friend opted for a fruity tea with a hint of vanilla. both teas smelt very good although the caramel scent wasn't as strong as i had hoped it would be.

the teacups were lovely, with this little illustration on the inside. i really like drinking tea from pretty teacups even though i only have a plain grey mug when i'm stuck in my room, but it sure makes me appreciate the lovelier ones out there~


  1. Wow their teacups are so beautiful! I hope you're having good fun in france. :D

    1. tealeafy! i'm having so much fun! can't wait to do more travelling soon though! x


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