Saturday, 13 October 2012

l'automne est arrivé

the trees are slowly shedding the leaves on this side of the world. with each day, the weather gets coolers (although there are still some warm days to cherish) and i'm getting my head stuck into my homework... i lie! heehee~ i've been enjoying making crepes on the quiet weekends when most of the noisy students go home. 

they look really good, right? i'm a professional~ even back home, i love cooking pancakes and crepes for breakfast with the family. they're so simple and delicious no matter how you eat them. of course, i prefer sweet fillings like nutella, jam and chocolate but crepes are just as delicious with savoury fillings like ham and cheese.

my favourite topping is definitely sweet fresh raspberries with chocolate sauce. so yummy!! my friend whose tooth is sweeter than mine enjoys her crepes with nutella and chocolate sauce. but who can blame her, they are both delicious on their own, so it must be super good together, right?

and here's a new friend i made! a shy grey cat i met on the way to pick up the crepe ingredients. he was a cutie with bright green eyes, but he's a little camera shy too~  actually, there seem to be a few cats that live in the student accommodation vicinity but they are all too afraid to me. i often see them playing around from my window. i want to make friends with them too!!

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