Wednesday, 1 May 2013

two week catch up

So sorry for not blogging in a while, but I've just been so caught up with my university homework. I'm constantly working on architecture since we have hand ups every week. And even through the 2 week semester break, I've been toiling on a large project.

 These holidays were also the university graduation ceremonies! I went to see some of my friends who've graduated from their Bachelor of Design Studies, and this is what I wore. The beret and bow tie are from Angelic Pretty, and the rest is just really casual and comfortable. It ended up being a very very windy and slightly rainy day. But everyone was still happy and smiling~

Ironman 3 was also released in the cinemas during the break! My sisters and I went to watch it on the release date. We're quite the fan of the Avengers and decided to dress is red and gold/yellow like Ironman's suits. I leant my mustard cardigan to my sister, so I wore gold shoes and a cute gold bow tie!

  And lastly, for a  day running errands, having my eyes tested and a little bit of shopping, I wore this cute macaron tshirt with some pearly cat ears and cute oversized katie badge. Actually, I'm so excited to receive Uniqlo x Laduree's macaron tshirts soon! I managed to grab three designs but Ihad to order through shopping service, because we don't have a Unilqo in poor little Adelaide :(


  1. such cute outfits! I love your golden shoes and you got gorgeous hair :)
    Architecture is so full-on, I admire you for being such a hard worker!

    1. ohhh, thank youu, thank youu! yes, i find it very difficult because i hand draw most things. long story short, i don't have all the skills for the computer programs. :(


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