Wednesday, 1 May 2013

weekend swap meet

We had a lolita swap meet over the weekend and even though I had a super busy schedule, I took out some time to see the lovely local girls and try to sell some of my dresses. I discovered my wardrobe houses about 25 dresses and skirts and some of them are hardly ever worn, so I'm looking for a new home for them. I also took the opportunity to dress up and doll up since I'd been stuck home for most of the 2 week uni break. My sister and I love taking selfies together, heehee~!

The week earlier, I received the Fantastic Dolly JSK from Angelic Pretty! I managed to win it at a very good price on Mbok. Although when it was first released my preferred colour was lavender, I decided to buy the black one since it cheap and cute~! Do you like my new wig? It's actually really thin and cheap but i still love the cute style and colour.

Outfit post:
- big black velvet bow: taobao
- pink blouse: Angelic Pretty
- Fantastic Dolly high waist JSK: Angelic Pretty
- patterned black tights: taobao
- pink emikyu style shoes: secretshop

The main host, Christine was offering to take photos for a national online event she had planned - the lolita heart photoshoot. My lovely partner from Sydney and I decided to take the ribbon theme and coordinate matching outfits for the photoshoot. I had to change into this outfit for a quick photo.

Outfit post:
- lace rabbit ears: handmade by me
- pink velvet ribbon: taobao
- black chiffon blouse: offbrand
- Logo and Ribbon nop: Emily Temple Cute
- patterned black tights: taobao
- pink emikyu style shoes: secretshop


  1. Your sister and you are just adorable~~~
    And omg, Fantastic Dolly looks amazing on you!

    1. ahhh, thank you princess derpieee! XD xx


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