Monday, 10 June 2013

where have you been?

Hello, hello! I must apologise once again for the lack of posts, but I have been super busy. Not only with my architecture course, but I've also been doing lots of interesting things recently. This is another catch up post with what I've been doing in the past month or so since my last post. PS, watch out for a super, super loooong post!! 

First off, my good friends and I decided to visit the Barossa Valley. Have you ever heard of it? It's very famous for wine, and it's about an hour and a half drive from Adelaide. We booked a mini bus, and toured around some of the famous wineries tasting their best wines.We stopped by at Peter Lehman's for a very delicious and casual lunch, before continuing our tour. We went home, tired (and a little tipsy) with a few bottles each.

 Next up was a small lolita meet I hosted to raise money for 'Australia's Biggest Morning Tea'. We enjoyed a little tea party in the Botanic Gardens with lots of food, my sister's home brewed tea, and lots of fun. We raised over $250 for the Cancer Council, and I was so touched by everyone's generosity~ I didn't manage to take many photos as I was rushing about, but here are my outfit photos from the day.

Outfit rundown:
Chocolate beret: handmade by a lovely friend, Emma
Gold bow hairclip: 6%dokidoki
Blouse: Baby the stars shine bright
Honey cake jsk: Angelic Pretty
Cardigan: Taobao
Chocolate socks: Emily temple cute
Teaparty shoes: Secret shop
Biscuit bag: Baby the stars shine bright

My sister and I were really excited to watch 'The Great Gatsby', so when it opened in the cinema, we decided to see it right after a day at uni. It was a lovely film, in a very over the top style and it didn't deviate too far from the original book by F. Scott Fitgerald. I really enjoyed it~!!

I've also been doing some serious fooding! First off, is Fancy Burger, tucked away down Synagogue Place in the city. My sister and I visited it twice this week (once more with my brother).  I had the 'crispy bacon and cheese', and the 'hot spicy'; both burgers were with Angus beef and were absolutely delicious. Their chips were pretty tasty too!!

 As for desserts, I visited the chocolatier Steven ter Horst on Unley Road, which is famous for their Belgian chocolate. I tried the 'nuts for chocolate' cake (layer of chocolate cream, ganache, biscuit, and chocolate with nuts - yum!) and the hot chocolate with fruit de bois. Admittedly this wasn't as great as the chocolate salons in Paris or Brussels, but it'll do for now!

 And let's not forget my latest favourite place: St. Louis house of fine icecream and dessert. I had the 'churros martini' with salted caramel icecream, and delicious apple caramel sauce. The churros weren't made great this time, as they crumbled at my fingertips. I gave it a week's break, but couldn't resist trying their icecream again!!

The last thing I want to share is Law Balll!! The university (Law student society) organises an annual Law Ball, and my friend and I decided we'd finally attend one of them to see what the fuss was all about. We managed to find some tickets luckily from a friend of a friend. It's a really popular event that sells out within days. The event was held at the Stamford Grand in Glenelg, so we decided to book us a hotel room as well, to get ready and crash at the end of the night! We had some beautiful views of the beach and the jetty too. We enjoyed some delicious pizza (pumpkin with fetta cheese - best!!) at a restaurant nearby before putting on our prettiest dresses, highest heels, making up our faces, and heading down to the ball. Aside from the unlimited drinks and finger food, the best part of the night was the photobooth machines, which we made good use of!! We had a little bit (a lott!) of fun that night~~

The next few weeks will be even more busy with my last architecture project for the semester (worth 40%, eek!) and exams. But once that's all over, I promise to make a post about my 'latest' haul. Yes. It will be a lovely, big haul from over several months including all the lolita items, birthday gifts and taobao-ing. I'm excited too. Here's a sneak peek, with some Uniqlo tshirts I ordered. I couldn't resist getting a few Disney collaboration ones along with the much needed Laduree ones!!

Until then, keep safe! x

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