Thursday, 12 January 2012

rilakkuma says


 hello while waiting for the train...

i bought this adorably sweet and cute t shirt
a long while ago and had been planning some
pop style outfit, which was never realised until now~
 i threw together this quick outfit for a dinner and
karaoke night out with friends.

 outfit post #63: Candy and Rainbows
- cute printed t shirt
- colourful fulle bows handmade
- necklace handmade from friend
- yellow long cardigan
- lavender shorts
- lavender fluffy star handmade from friend
- pink candy socks from metamorphose
- purple double tongue all stars converses
(the pink laces are added by me~)
- rilakkuma bag from san x

do you like dumplings? these are the korean
style fried dumplings that we tried. one of my friends
is a korean girl who recommended the restaurant,
and she helped us order the best dishes on the menu.
besides these delicious dumplings, we had some
authentic korean dishes. it's a shame i didn't get enough photos...

for dessert, we decided to visit the crepe store
in chinatown which wasn't too far from the restaurant.
we were having an intense discussion on where we could
find the best crepes, and since some of us hadn't yet tried
this place, we were all too eager to go!

i decided to have the red bean and shiratama with 
green tea soft icecream cold crepe, which was so yummy
(except the shiratama, i can't say i like them!)


  1. Why are you so adorable?

    Please, share your secrets with us! XD

    1. oh i wish you were there too rinrin!
      and thankyou bb~ but i think you know the secret already ;D


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