Saturday, 14 July 2012

the cry of a mermaid

 after buying two of my rose wreaths, one of the local lolitas commissioned me to make a mermaid princess rose garland to coordinate with her angelic pretty aqua princess jsk. i was thrilled to help her, and immediately began sketching the plans for a crown fit for a mermaid princess.

 her dress was the purple and black colourway and she wanted a tinge of gold added so out i went searching for the necessary pieces. i ended up buying white roses and dyeing them purple since i couldn't find a purple that matched the dress. i used to collect seashells when i was young and this was my favourite shape, so when i managed to get my hands on one in a home decorating store i knew it would be perfect for this headpiece! i painted it gold to match the theme and with some strings of pearls, i hope it'll match her coordinate~ there are more work in progress pictures up on moripop!

ps: happy bastille day, dears~!


  1. Gorgeous. ^^ You're so talented Angie! Can't believe you hand dyed all those roses too!

    1. thank you dear! yes, it was actually a lot of fun turning my bathroom purple XD


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