Thursday, 6 December 2012

happy international lolita day~

how did you spend your international lolita day? i was lucky enough to spend the saturday afternoon with my sisters in paris! i took the train in late thursday night to spend the weekend with them before they started their tour europe tour in rome. it was such a pleasure to see them in person after three months, and i even got to be their tour guide in paris~ we visited a few attractions since they'll be spending new years in paris again and i took them to the baby and angelic pretty stores too! i didn't buy anything (i've already bought my christmas present to myself) but my sister picked up a pretty baby barrette and a very petit petit beurre tag from the angelic pretty store.

unfortunately not everything ran smoothly. i made a huge error in reading my return train ticket and missed the train back to poitiers by 2 hours!! oops! (16:14 does not equal 06:14pm) i had to pay for another (full priced) ticket at the train station and wait another hour for the next train. and when i finally arrived at poitiers station, i realised the bus line i needed to take had already finished! so i had to fork out more money for a taxi back home (and avoid waiting another hour for the night bus) at least a hot shower and sleep were waiting for me. but now i miss my family more than ever!

i hope everyone else's international lolita day didn't have any mishaps like mine~ on the bright side, i did see my sister and we both had fun dressing up a little in paris! i wore my chocolierre jumperskirt by baby the stars shine bright to see them but because the weather is quite cold, it was mostly covered by my coat.

back to study!! i have an exam tomorrow - wish me luckk~

outfit post: 
- pink velvet bow: taobao
- beige blouse: korea
- chocolate barrette bowtie: angelic pretty
- chocolierre jsk: baby the stars shine bright
- brown tights: offbrand
- brown boots: korea


  1. I love your outfit! On which Taobao shop did you find that lovely barette? It looks so beautiful!

    1. hello!! i bought lots in different colours because they were so cheappp! but i lost the link!! DX try searching: velvet hair ribbons. i hope you'll find them too! xx

  2. OMG you're wearing one of my absolute dreamdresses ToT
    I want it in ivory x33
    You look super adorable in it, I love it on you!

    1. thank you so much!! i hope you'll find your dream dress soon!! xx

  3. Oh gosh you look so perfect! I love the whole look.
    And to spend loliday in paris sounds marvelous even though it didn't go as perfect as you hoped it would.
    I posted about mind in my blog if you'd like to, you could always visit and read about it too.
    A kiss,

    1. hello!! i DID visit you blog actually, you all look so happy and beautiful together! i'm so glad you had a lovely loliday xx


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