Saturday, 5 October 2013

Lolita is my life

Ah no! I'm becoming slack with my blog posts! I'm so sorry, but this semester has been really tough on me which gives me less time to do the things I like doing, for instance, blogging :( I think I'll just be doing large catch up posts for a while, I hope you won't mind. I must admit I am much, much more active on instagram and tumblr just because they're easier to use especially on the go! So please follow me there <3>
We had a really bigg lolita/anime/manga swap meet a while ago. I didn't manage to sell any lolita dresses there, but it was a good chance to meet up with the girls and chat about our money woes, new wishlist dresses and so on. I wore my new Melty Royal Chocolate from Angelic Pretty. It's the perfect fit, and the style is so flattering! I really love this dress so much~!

More recently, we bid farewell to a beautiful lolita girl in our community. She's jetsetting home to Malaysia after working in Adelaide for several years. I wore Toy March from Angelic Pretty, it's soo pretty! But I recently sold the JSK and socks set since I just won the set in navy - my preferred colourway~

I went out shopping with my sister and a friend. Though I didn't buy anything it was great to take a look in the shops and spend some time together. I didn't wear lolita, but I really liked my outfit anyway!! The beret is however from Angelic Pretty's Toy March collection :D We had yummy pizza and desserts after too <3 br="">
My sister and I were asked to do a japanese fashion presentation at University for some high school students. It was to promote the Language faculty. I wore a complete (almost) outfit by Baby the Stars Shine Bright. Chocolate Fascinate Fantasy JSK with Hexenhaus socks and my favourite cookie headbow! It was also the first time I took Usakumya out too, she had a loong and tiring day!!
I also organised a surprise graduation party for my sister! She's finally finished studying at University, so we celebrated with some yummy Korean food and karaoke times with some other lolita girls. I wore Emily Temple Cute's Wrapping Macaron <3 p="">

Here's an extra picture of my cutie sister who looks SO much younger than me! Haha~

And most recently!! I was introduced to this very lovely little cafe by some lolita friends. They had the loveliest scones and most delicious chocolate mud cake I have had in a while! I wore my new Drained Cherry skirt from Angelic Prettyy~ It's made of the nicest chiffon, I'm so happy I managed to find it second hand.

And lastly, thing's I've bought recently and it's, erm... quite a list:

Angelic Pretty Toy March set in navy
Angelic Pretty Musee du Chocolat set in ivory
Angelic Pretty Drained Cherry skirt in ivory
Angelic Pretty French Doll onepiece in navy
Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate blouse in brown
Angelic Pretty Melty Royal Chocolate knit cardigan in ivory
Emily Temple Cute Chocolate and Ribbon JSK in pink
Emily Temple Cute Chocolatier Rabbit JSK in red
Emily Temple Cute Chocolate and Ribbon tshirt in brown
Emily Temple Cute Snow Dot Ribbon blouse in white
Baby Hexenhaus Pearl JSK in brown
Baby Hexenhaus necklace in brown
Milk Chocolate Bar skirt


  1. How adorable and elegant, it's very sweet to be dedicated to something. Just makes life so much fun and meaningful. I love your outfits!

    恵美より ♥

    1. Thank you so much! :D I'm getting too carried away, I think XD
      But I rreally do love it a lot <3

  2. Congratulations on your sister graduating from uni. You look lovely in your pictures. I particularly liked the outfit with the beret. I bet the highschool students really enjoyed seeing your outfits and hearing the presentation.

    1. Thanks dear! <3 A lot of the students loved it but there were some who weren't so accepting XD That's ok though because I had funn!! :D


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