Tuesday, 19 July 2011

apples and mushrooms

it was a rare winter day when the sun peeks through the clouds.
going for a walk down to the park by my house, we found a trail
of apples! perhaps some children are lost and are 
leaving the apples to find their way home~ 
there are also these wild mushrooms,
but they don't look very lovely at all. 
they may be decaying.


i bought this metamorphose tales of the wood skirt
to twin with my sister, but i'm lost for other co-ordinates!
t's so cute, right? lately, i'm finding my lolita style
to be quite simple. i can't say i ever favoured deco-lolita,
but even more so, i am drawn to the simple blouse,
jumper/skirt, and cardigan. it's a very sweet but simple look,
it really focuses on the print.

hm, i think maybe some adventurous experiment times are ahead!


  1. I love the simpler loli style c: I'm right with you there, but saying that - Kelly will be decoing me up on Saturday when I twin with her! D: I'd be lieing if I said I wasn't nervous lol :p Can't wait to see you this weekennndd!! :D x

  2. freya!~
    you were super cute over the weekend!
    what a lovely job those girls have done~
    i'm so glad to have met you too!!


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