Monday, 25 July 2011

the sheep

come out to play.

the moment we have been waiting for: avcon is here!

how i have waited patiently for this day, ordering the
respective pieces and altering the straw hat to wear my cute
angelic pretty sheep garden coordinate!
a simple country lolita style, right?
my cute friend is all deco-ed in sweet angelic pretty milky chan~
someone even thought we were twins!

my sister and our other lolita friends had a table in the
artist alley together! it was so much fun meeting new people
and selling the things we have spent hours making~

though we didn't take many photos because we were so busy,
we all had such good fun, i was super tired but so happy!

outfit photo #42: mary had a little lamb
- red cardigan
- white blouse
- straw hat
- sheep garden skirt from angelic pretty
- white tights
- brown tea parties from secret shop


  1. Angii you were so cuuutteee aah (and was win to finally meet you!) Your coord was super perfect ;__; AVCon was super fun x

  2. oh thankyou so much~!
    i think you looked super cute in
    kelly's dress too! and yesh, i hope to
    see more of you~
    and fingers crossed for your goodies to
    arrive soon!


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