Sunday, 19 February 2012

be my valentine

spending valentine's day (well, the celebration a few days late anyway)
at a quaint chocolate place with a group of dressed up girls is
the best way to share the love~ my sister and i shared a plate
of delicious chocolate waffles with chocolate icecream and
chocolate sauce. i could have easily eaten it by myself!

deciding to twin, we manage to find matching blouses and wigs and
hair pieces~ she is my favourite person to twin with because we
often shop together and buy the same things~

outfit post #68: twin fairies
- berries headpiece
- orange colour wig
- pink chiffon blouse
- little kitty bouquet jsk from baby the stars shine bright
- white tights
- black leather brogues
- brown satchel bag

i even managed to drag a usually non-lolita friend to join
us for the event! she went home with a cute little gift:
a haigh's chocolate bear and chocolates~ 

and lastly! we played a quick small game where everyone was
given a small bag of heart candies and pass them along until
the music stopped and whoever had a token ring won a prize!
lucky me, i found a cute heart ring in mine, so i went home with
a very lovely prize including jewellery, accessories and socks!~


  1. Hi Angii !!! I just wanted to ask if you had a facebook account to keep in touch with you, because I think I'm gonna close my blog, ( and maybe open a new one), I'll explain you later ! xoxo

    1. halllooo~ yes you can definitely find me and keep in touch! my facebook account is here: (hope that works!)

  2. Great photos!
    You and your 'twin' look adorable *-*

  3. oh i didn't mention! my twin is actually my older sister! XDD thankyouu!


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