Sunday, 15 April 2012

moripop pop!

this weekend was a very busy weekend! (well, mainly on the saturday) i mentioned earlier that my sister and a few friends were hosting a lolita tea party similar to those held by angelic pretty and baby elsewhere in the world. since we don't get any, we decided to hold our own~ what a success!

everyone who attended was dressed so beautifully and excited to win some prizes as well as enjoy a lovely high tea and chat among new and old local lolitas. it was so rewarding seeing the happy faces as people opened their little gift boxes that we'd prepared.


the food was utterly delightful! my favourite savoury item was definitely the mini curry puff, but i simply can't go past sweet food! i loved the chocolate tart! which wasn't as sweet as i thought, but the cocoa flavour was rich and delicious.and the cute mini strawberry and cream waffles~~

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