Sunday, 31 March 2013

happy bunny days

sorry, i have no idea what i am doing here!!
 did you have a fun easter holiday weekend? today the local lolitas organised an easter egg hunt. unfortunately, the weather was not on our side, and it started to pour down with rain!! and just when everyone arrived in the garden too. so a group of roughly 30 lolitas were huddled under parasols and umbrellas for a good 10 minutes. in the end, we quickly grabbed as many chocolate eggs as we could find and headed to the lovely christine's house to dry off, split the chocolate eggs and gifts and have a little chat over some food. so i guess all's well that ends well!
 my sister and i dresses as the easter bunnies since we decided not to participate in the hunting. instead, we helped scatter and hide the eggs for everyone else. i think we did a pretty good job¬! i made matching lace rabbit ears in black and white for us. although the white ones didn't show up so well in the photos~

 here is my sister kairii's adorable pastel outfit for easter. she wore angelic pretty's happy garden with her cute lyrical bunny bag. she also handmade a very lovely chiffon dress/apron she wore over her dress, which looked so amazing! she was complimented on it all day~!!

 and here is my outfit. (yes, these are the same photos as my previous post! there are more details in it though) it was the first time i wore baroque's missing letter key and rabbits jumperskirt. i matched it with my newest bronze coloured emily temple cute style replica shoes and the cute biscuit bag from baby the stars shine bright. i love the bag, but it's too small. i'm going to need the larger one...

outfit post:
missing letter keys and rabbit jsk: baroque
matching headbow: baroque
black lace rabbit ears: handmade by me
rabbit hair accessories: handmade by me
wine chiffon blouse:
collar accessories, clock brooch: from a kidsyoyo beret
black pattern tights: taobao
emikyu style shoes: secretshop
small biscuit bag: baby the stars shine bright

and lastly, a photo of the herd of lolitas arriving with their frills and bunny ears, ready for an easter egg hunt - and definitely not ready for the rain!! happy easter! x


  1. Easter meeting sounds fun!
    You girls look adorable <3 Perfect outfit to celebrate!

    :* Happy easter!

    1. Thanks Ana! We did have a LOT of fun :D
      Hope you have a happy Easter too, dear! x

  2. Awww you girls are so cute. I am glad that despite the rain, that you all had a lovely time. I love the first photo, it made me smile.

    1. haha!! thank you! i love dressing up with my sister, we can always be weird together XD ah, the weather can be so tempremental here...


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